Daughter of a Korean War Vet

During the global pandemic, Versandra Kennebrew, daughter of Korean War Veteran Walter Kennebrew Jr. wanted to help her dad and other veterans use nature to ease the negative effects of depression and isolation.

She knew how feeling stuck inside (because of the physical contact restrictions) could negatively impact their physical and mental health. Introducing outdoor yoga, mindfulness walks, and self massage to Columbus, Georgia seniors.

Versandra’s vision of educating local military families about holistic approaches to living well during a global health crisis launched the startup, Optimal Living Education & Retreats LLC, May 2020.

The core values, education, innovation, and collaboration, have allowed Optimal Living Education & Retreats to help thousands become more knowledgeable about how they can live optimally.

Host Versandra Kennebrew  

Advocating for Veterans

Georgia Senator, Ed Harbison & Commander Davis Special Guests

What makes us unique?

Lived experiences like overcoming homelessness, mental illness, addiction and caring for an elderly parent have fueled Kennebrew’s desire to understand the cause and the cure for them. In 1999 she hosted her first holistic lifestyle event in the parking lot of the professional building in Southfield, Michigan. The mission of The Healing Power of Touch, her private massage therapy practice, was to educate residents unfamiliar with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) about the multitude of benefits millions incl;uding her had gained from them.

By collaborating with other massage therapists, chiropractors, fitness instructors, and healing artists, she hoped to make a difference in her hometown, which had been named the fattest city in America. Since then, Kennebrew has hosted hundreds of holistic lifestyle events serving thousands of attendees.

As a former Marketing & Community Engagement Specialist at Whole Foods Market, she worked on teams that coordinated events that attracted several thousand attendees. These skills have also transferred into her volunteer work as a district director with the global education non-profit Toastmasters International.

Today, this lived experience leader speaks across the U.S. and Canada about poverty alleviation, mental health, and togetherness.

Optimal Living Starts Here!

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The Founder.

Versandra Jewel Kennebrew, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

The Non-Profit Partner.

Leonard Morgan, CEO Georgia Vet-Fest

The Lead Yoga Instructor.

Christopher Wilkes aka The Yoga Doctor,  CEO Art of Yoga

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