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In The News

🔍 The Gist: Two of Georgia’s cities rank among the unhealthiest in the U.S., spotlighting a concerning trend in health care and lifestyle habits across the state, which has taken several hits because of its poor health care in survey after survey and ranking after ranking.

📊 The Details: A recent study by WalletHub has cast a spotlight on the health status of cities across America, revealing a grim picture for Georgia. Among over 180 U.S. cities evaluated across 41 key health indicators, Augusta and Columbus find themselves near the bottom of the list at ranks 177 and 179, respectively. These findings form part of a broader narrative about health care challenges in Georgia, further showing the state’s struggle against rising health care costs and lifestyle-related health issues.

🔢 By The Numbers:

179th: Columbus, GA’s position, indicating a significant health care and lifestyle challenge.

Key Metrics: Factors considered in the rankings included medical costs, fruit and vegetable consumption, and physical activity levels among adults.

💡 Why It Matters: Georgia’s position at the lower end of the healthiest cities ranking is a wake-up call for policymakers, health care providers, and residents. It highlights the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to improve health care access, affordability, and education on healthy lifestyles. The state’s health care crisis is not only a matter of individual well-being but also impacts economic productivity and health care system sustainability.

Source: www.The Georgia

Mindful Wellness Day sponsored by Physicians Working Together

Physicians & Holistic Wellness Professionals Working Together

Mindful Wellness Day

Celebrating the 9th Anniversary of Physicians Working Together

Hosted and moderated by board-certified physician and author, Dr. Kimberly F. Jackson—affectionately known as Dr. J—this symposium marked the ninth anniversary of Physicians Working Together, Inc. Dr. J, the visionary founder of Physicians Working Together, National Physicians Week, Jackson Point of Light Family Medicine, and Inspire and Empower Enterprises, LLC, provided educational insights and practical strategies to enhance daily well-being.

Dr. J has assembled a distinguished panel of holistic health advocates, including Pediatrician Dr. Bande Virgil, Ob/Gyn Physician Dr. Wesley Chambers, Interventional Pain and Spine Physician Dr. Marzena Buzanowska, Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Siraj Abdullah, dietician Elizabeth Moran from local Department of Health and Versandra Kennebrew, INHC from The Art of Yoga.

These experts engaged in robust discussions that blended personal empowerment strategies with holistic health principles, promoting a comprehensive approach that integrates physical healthcare and mindfulness.

Further enriching the day's offerings, The Food Mill conducted a delightful healthy cooking class, demonstrating how to easily prepare nutritious meals. Additionally, The Art of Yoga provided a revitalizing yoga workshop, aimed at harmonizing mind and body.

Celebrating Local Humanitarians

We love collaborating with Georgia VET Fest to present the annual Humanitarian Awards Gala. We want to normalize celebrating servant leadership. Enjoy this video from our 2023 event at Troy University, Phenix City Campus.


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