Optimal living is a lifestyle


Practicing yoga, hiking in nature, eating clean whole foods, and dancing like no one is watching are traits of a person who is living optimally. Whether you are a youthful millennial or an aging gracefully baby boomer we all want to live free from chronic pain and chronic disease. At the end of the day, our lifestyle is at the core of our wellbeing. The best part is that we get to choose every day how we live.

Where we'll meet

Each first Monday our members come together via ZOOM for our Success Mastermind Group. Additional wellness classes are scheduled on Wednesday and Friday. Our monthly couples and yoga retreats take place at Callaway Gardens and on the Columbus RiverWalk.
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What we'll learn

You will be introduced to a variety of holistic healing practices such as massage, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, affirmations, mantras, and energy field enhancement. You will come to know yourself intimately and be empowered to self-correct what you don't love.




Versandra's holistic lifestyle classes and books have been recognized internationally as engaging and beneficial for optimal living. Now she wants to bring her healthy lifestyle education and retreats into your home, and where you work.

Our Story

Two decades ago, Versandra Kennebrew transitioned from a successful retail management career in search of a purpose-driven career that would allow her to work every day doing what she loved. Her interest in plant essences for physical and emotional well-being led her to myomassology which fused modalities such as energy healing, yoga, and meditation. From East to West, she studied and practiced healing techniques that facilitated pain and stress relief for thousands in her private practice and corporate wellness programs.

After recognizing that many of her clients reach a plateau in the benefits they received from massage therapy due to chronic malnutrition and dehydration, she was inspired to continued her studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and published two books sharing her favorite self-care techniques and personal development methods. Her passion for the healing arts took to the airways in 2016 where Coach Versandra broadcasted more than 100 episodes of Health & Healing Chronicles on Atlanta's 89.3 FM.

In the midst of a global pandemic Coach Versandra has taken on a new role, CEO of Optimal Living Education & Retreats LLC. Located in Uptown Columbus, GA, Kennebrew is positioning her new holistic lifestyle startup as the leader in corporate wellness in metro Atlanta and the Chattahoochee Valley Region. "Our wellness programs promote optimal living at work and at play." Versandra Kennebrew
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Holistic Lifestyle Membership
Holistic Lifestyle Membership
Meet via Zoom 1st Monday's at 8 PM EST with your holistic lifestyle mastermind group. Members also receive a 50-minute personal coaching session, unlimited virtual wellness classes, and 25% off our lifestyle retreats. Although each participant has their own specific goals, the processes and systems will be very similar. If you've experienced depression or anxiety in the past, we especially embrace you. We know what it feels like to want to do more yet not have the capacity to stay focused and on track. We are doctors and can not treat mental illness, but we do have a special set of skills and nutrition products that relieve stress and support greater focus and concentration. Your annual membership is $99 monthly which is a savings of $151 each month.
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"I believe that we each have everything we need inside of us to thrive. We simply need to tap into our innate wisdom and save ourselves from the lure of meaningless distractions"
- Versandra Kennebrew